“TARU” and “NANDU” should act together in a film…………….

Recently two of the movies Dawat -e-Ishq and Happy New Year released…………….apart from everything we enjoyed seeing both  the character of “Taru”[ Aditya Roy Kapoor in Dawat e Ishq] and “Nandu”[Abhishek Bachchan in Happy New Year]. Aditya’a hilarious dance steps and funny way of talking as well as Abhishek’s comedy both jell well if they act in a movie together. Lets see both these handsome actors together in a film provided a good story and a good director should come along  to make it happen.

Dhoni’s captaincy should be taken with a grain of salt

I know I am raising many frowns and offending the followers of Mahendra Singh Dhoni but one must realize spontaneity wins over manipulation………………..Virat with his zest and vibrancy giving Indian cricket a new dimension, whereas Dhoni prone to more on  manipulative tactics which sometimes dampen the spirit of players. I predicted long back that Rohit Sharma will dazzle someday with his bat, I like his batting style and he is a good team man. I have seen him while leading Mumbai Indians in IPL he was emotionally attached at the teams poor performance in the game. This impulse is actually his passion and see he has proved me right. I know Virat is a good cricketer and can enhance the team tempo equally by his energetic gestures. A 264 runs with 33 boundaries and 9 over boundaries Rohit  proved what he is made up of. Even sometimes I feel Dhoni does not use Bhubaneswar Kumar fully. Bhuvaneswar is good at breaking opening partners and the new ball but at the same time he should concentrate to get out set batsman. I see a bright future in him. Apart from that I believe that short build Bong fellow from King’s XI Punjab Ridddhiman Saha is a horse of long race. He and Rohit should open for India and Shekhar Dhawan should come in the first down. Do not  know what would be the team management’s decision  but I feel some experiments can be done in Aussie series so that we can know the potential of the Indian cricketer before the big tournament of World Cup.

dil bada to tu bada…………….if your heart is big you are big:)

There are so many things in our life  keep inspiring us …………………..first is mama’s encouragement she is the obvious one to encourage us for going big no matter whether we count her or not…………………..she will support us unconditionally……………so are lines told by great people, friends support, family and relatives good will and sometimes you never know where from you get the inspiration……………..a little negative though…………sometimes from those who do not like us do not like to see us progressing they too inspire us……………….their dislikes itself say we are doing good…………..ya that’s true………back to positive again recently one tag line of an ad is pulling my attention…….whenever I see, I cannot give enough to the ones I loved  and love the way they are………………… cannot give my 100% to them I return to those tagline…………..its an ad played by our beloved Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra about some branded beetle nuts  the wordings and the music is awesome so is the picturisation of the full thing………………. its says ” heerein moti se kab tulti hain khushiyan shohorat tu dil ki kama dil bada to tu bada……………….” [ How could you weigh happiness with jewels and precious things you should earn prosperity of  wholeheartedness…………..  if you are big in your mind you are definitely big]. I get back to the add on and on when I feel I am not capable of giving enough to all. It inspires me.

Sachin’s autobiography : a Pandora Box??

Throughout his career Sri Ramesh Sachin Tendulkar never ever came under any kind of controversy………… his batted well, entertained his worldwide fans with his dazzling strokes and earned thousand millions rounds of applause for his brilliant batting  but post cricket session of Sachin is pretty interesting. It seems his autobiography is something synonymous to Pandora box: one after one interesting things are coming out. After Greg, now it is heard that Sachin was never happy with coach Kapil. Lets cross our fingers friends!! who knows what are the things this book will bring forth?? A master in disguise??

Its as good as beating a dead horse while pulling Chappell’s reign on Indian Cricket dressing room…..

Numerous  things are written and said during these few days after Sachin’s autobiography had created so much ripple in Indian Cricket controversy………………..a few weeks before similar things had happened with Kevin Peiterson’s autobiography in England Cricket World which made many people[ cricketers]   break their silence for  the first time being offended by so and so events and incidents written in the book. Same thing is happening in Indian Cricket now………………our super silent team man Sachin Tendulkar’s autobiography[likely to publish tomorrow] had really stirred the entire Cricket faculty and many ex cricketer are going verbal  especially Chappell’s tenure in India……………..its good we have got to know many things about his dictatorship and skeptical attitude towards Indian cricketer but is not it too late to discuss about the issue?? When Saurav Ganguly pointed out the flaws against Greg Chappell how many voices seconded him at that time?? I think no one. Saurav’s career had been smashed in India’s dirty politics, yeah Greg might be the first one to nail his career in coffin. …..Now Sachin, Laxman, Dravid  everybody is talking in the same tune that they have been misguided mistreated by Greg……………… do our Indian Cricket Board hire people[read coach] in order to create differences between the players or to abolish their cricket career?? Only once it was in the news that Irfan Pathan who joined Indian team for his bowling skill had been forced by Greg to concentrate in  batting  thus blundered his career. Why they are reacting now ?? Its too late for all those discussions. People will read them like juicy gossip and forget them………………unnecessarily things are being dragged to endless discussion.

How come a Capricorn be so unruly, messy and lack of administrative skill??

Yeah guys, I am talking about our beloved didi Smt Mamata Banerjee  The Chief Minister of one of the most thought provoking , culturally aware state West Bengal. Any politically aware Indian who follow the political scenario thoroughly can say how the picture had changed drastically in Bengal in the recent years. I am not claiming it was picture perfect before she came to the throne but when she came people of Bengal and well wishers of Bengal thought she might bring some relief to the people of Bengal but things are actually pretty messy and unorganized. One of my brief journeys to somewhere Western part of the country I heard from one of my co passenger how much Mamata Banerjee earned disgust and disrespect from people of India throughout. He said ” India has great respect for women but if she appears so harsh and disgraceful people will forget to respect women.” I dont know in which era he is living now, people have already forgot to respect women , yes he could have said  that she is an overdose to bear. She is a Capricorn Jan born woman…………..harshness is very common to them but at the same time Capricorns are very goal oriented people, they know what they are doing , very much aware of the commitments, well organised and all the good qualities of good leader are presented in their traits. Yeah friends you might say she could be the exception but one should know what leadership means when you are representing a State in the forum of Nation. I know if anybody challenges her what is the action agenda for the coming five years for Bengal she could not produce any data for it. Her answers are very vague and her body language is not up to the mark. She should have genuine well wishers around so that she can proceed properly for the work she has been chosen to do…… not to prove to the people of Bengal that they are bunch of idiots to elect  her for such responsible job.

Welcome Ravi :) we need the answer of Macgrath’s 4-0 series challenge in the coming Aussie session

We still remember about the naughty encounters between David Boon and Ravi Shastri in most of the Indi Aussie series. Very happy for the decision because India team seriously needs some toned down session in performance, attitude, and overall. We are tired of Mr Dhoni ‘s super over confident[ I know everything] attitude and much hyped Virat Kohli…………………. there is a term like sportsmanship which I feel nowadays is literally vanished from the player….little can be seen in Bhuvi, Ravidra Jadeja, Suresh Raina, Shekhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma and the rest are rested with so called celebrity status. I am sure Ravi Shastri  will definitely come up with brilliant and brainstorming code of conduct so that we could see some meaty cricket from our boys. World Cup is ahead before that we have to prepare ourselves for facing Macgrath’s challenge [ he claimed the forthcoming series will be of Aussies and that too with 4-0 lead]. Good luck boys…….:)

Ebola virus the latest menace so far

Friends be very careful as there is already red alert in India and few more countries about Ebola virus……………..the preliminary symptoms are as good as influenza but severity starts as soon as it grips firm…………….please Google for information and take necessary measures………Africa is still in the map somewhere nearer to other continents so be aware and safe. :)