whip yourself up

In this big world in order to survive we need to struggle a lot, we need to work hard, need to be updated, or else we will succumb to the lap of lethargy. When nobody is there to bother about us, nobody is there to guide us, its time to whip yourself up…………..that means charge up yourself, and take charge of your own life , make yourself updated, well informed, and train yourself for the occupation you are going to pursue. Be hard to yourself, yeah its OK to relax sometimes but always put an imaginary deadline for yourself and work according to that. Eat in the right time, exercise regularly, read a lot of books, cultivate one hobby, grow your interest in various things, there are so many things to learn and know in this huge universe………have you ever wanted to know from the people those who do skydiving…..how do they feel while doing so? How amazing and adventurous they are!!! Some of us work in scheduled hours, some of us has free lancing work, but maintaining a routine is very important for all of us. Be your own friend, you can be your own guide, and always remember those red rods[impression of the whips charged on your back by yourself] when you feel enough has been done by me.Nothing is enough, its always miles to go before a sleep. Good Day.

Angry young man’s lighter side: Amitabh and comedy

We all know our Bollywood supremo as a angry young man of his days, a serious actor, but this actor has a lighter side also……………..Amitabh Bachchan has marvellous sense of humor which is evident in many of his enacted movies, be it Sholay[ the jail scene, the introduction of Jay to mausi, the famous Shankar Bholenath scene with Hema Malini,]  be it Namak Halal[ Vijay Hazare and Vijay merchant running commentary, the fly act in the conference with the hotelier, the song sequence pag ghunghroo and the encounter with his disguised daddu ] everywhere he is marvellous.ImageImageImageImageImageImage I

In Satte Pe Satta there is a scene where Hema Malini slapped Amitabhji and the face he made due to that is extremely funny, even in Do aur Do paanch Amitabhji has made great comedy scene with Sashi Kapoor.ImageImage

Then in Yaarana, his tongue twister, his peculiar way of pronouncing Hindi and many more scenes are really enjoyable. So spontaneously he does all those comic scenes, in Namal Halal movie in  the song sequence  Jawane Janeman he was standing behind Sashi Kapoor ji carrying two glasses of wine and then after horrendous dance and expressions he poured them down in the floor………….its worthy to watch his comedy there and after that he used a special hymn to pull up the curtain and drop it down once more somebody like him only can utter such things adding so much humor. In the recent times also we have seen his comedy in Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna in the song sequence of Rock n roll soniye…………….in the midway he just pulled the mic down to say ” and we have not done yet” …………….people with good sense of humor can appreciate his standard of comedy. The timing and expression are superb and above average……………in other movies like Shaan, Silsila, Besharam  there are few scenes of comedy which he enacted brilliantly leaving a signature of his standard. Last but not the least is the song of Desh Premi where Amitabhji was wooing Hema Malini in a song sequence[ Khatoon ki Khidmat mein] playing a typical Hyderabadi guy is one of his best comic performances so far. These days he is doing only serious kind of role we expect to see more comic roles from this great actor.

a road less troubled

We prefer to walk on the road which is tried and tested and its less troublesome………how many of us have tried a road less traveled ? How many of us seriously follow our gut feelings ? Almost all of us have some inner voice [gut feeling] in certain circumstances but we generally ignore those weird signals of our sixth sense thinking that it could be embarrassing for us, nobody will accept our choices, we will be ridiculed etc, but that is the way made  exclusively for us to follow in order to achieve maximum success  , we never know where our gut feeling can take us to……..it can be a totally stranger’s path, it may not appear rosy at first glance, may not seem promising but still somebody inside is pushing us towards it…….. at that time we should follow our inner voice. There is a famous say that the most risky way to live life is not taking any risk at all………….very true, may be the tried and tested path is not made for all of us, some people are born to make it great, only thing we need to understand the path the signal of our inner voice, it will definitely guide us where we are destined to be.

Its high time for “BAJATE RAHO” in real life

Bajate Raho is a recent Bollywood movie with Tushar and Bishakha in the lead role, its tit for tat for the wrongdoers of the society. It has come out well, giving eye opening inspiration to the young generation who want real-time “Bajate Raho”[a kind of  sting operation] in the society against the corrupted business leaders, bureaucrats, politicians and their associates. We can implement these highly motivated mission against anybody whom we want to be exposed in the society who after several wrongdoings still enjoying the status of high profiles and God knows what they do with the money of the public for fulfilling  their self satisfying goals. There was a movie a few years back Khosla ka Ghosla which was against the real estate businessman and how a group of theater personas had taken the revenge against him, very smart movie. We can take inspiration from those movies and keep on Bajate Raho with those wrongdoers throughout our life.

self motivation

Many a times in our life we feel stagnant, depressed, inactive, our mind succumb into boredom, it seems as if we have reached the dead end of life…………..no hope no light………….many a times it happens with us, it can be sorrows more than expected, it can be super satisfied life with all kinds of luxuries which  give us mere boredom………..or may be  none of them, even after  living a normal life sometimes we feel its tiring, not at all productive and we cannot depend on friends always they may give useful advice but those may not be applicable for us….. at that time we need some self motivation………to motivate ourselves we need to know about ourselves thoroughly, what are  the strengths and weaknesses we have, and how can we enhance our strength and overcome our weaknesses…. we can  cultivate any  hobby, it can be gardening, playing a guitar, reading those books by our favorite authors,  nature painting, if not anything then we need to  talk to ourselves, we have to ask ourselves  how to get rid of these boredom, how do overcome depression, how to make ourselves happy.We have to  concentrate on our passion, whats the first thing we  always wanted to do, to help somebody, to make a philanthropic move, suddenly we  can visit an old age home as a surprise visitor and talk to our older guardian, in order to make them happy  we  may feel we  are recharged for our next move, many of us have the passion for building a stout physique they regularly go to gym, talk to gym instructor about different kind of protein diet, gym lessons etc,  seeing them others also feel energized. Sometimes we can go back to our school , meet our school teachers, talk about our old golden school days,  a dream of having a rock band can motivate us to bring our like minded friends together and start working on it. Dream big, motivate yourself, write down what you want to be, the moment you know whats your aim in life, you will definitely start finding ways to work on it. Tell everyday to yourself “I am connected with Universe” Universe will definitely guide you to betterment. If you have any question any doubt you ask your mind, our subconscious mind is too intelligent , it knows what is right and what is wrong for us, even if in conscious mind we cannot judge a person or situation our subconscious can do that. It can motivate you when you want it. Listen to your mind, its extremely important. It will guide you always. Be your own mentor, be your own guide. Be self motivated.


This is exclusive for Amitabh Bachchan’s fans

This is exclusive for Amitabh Bachchan’s fans

I have posted a link from the movie Namal Halal where Amitabh Bachchan Sahaab had used one curtain raiser as well as curtain dropper  mantra[ aur mailka de khudaimaste something like that] please have a look at what he is saying and the expressions.

Horizontal growth is much more important than the vertical one

It is seen that people have a tendency to tend towards vertical growth as it is speedy and less time consuming and easier whereas horizontal growth takes a lot of time but its truly worthy in the long run. It needs patience, perseverance, huge energy more dedication but the growth is substantial. It needs a lot of base work, ground work, strategy, planning, lots and lots of man power………………this kind of growth structure is much  more money generating , it gives much better industrial growth, better agricultural growth, broader educational scope and many more things. This way only we can say a progressive state can grow. Only one sector of people are growing higher and higher and rest of the things are getting lesser importance and gradually people have declined interest towards them, this cannot be said as a healthy growth structure.Vertical growth is limited in a certain sphere whereas horizontal growth has a broad wide spectrum where the possibility of progress is unlimited. In the vertical structure growth people’s mindset also become very narrow and meager……………….they only believe in their own selfish interest and ignore the rest of the society, money is not a constraint these days, and there are endless educational opportunity with which anybody can have a high bucks job, luxurious lives, early settlements, family, kids, cars, apartments huge bank balances, shares and other assets within a short span everybody is acquiring all these things and life become saturated after a certain point of time. Where are those visionary leaders? Who will make us understand that this kind of growth can only lead to explosion the higher the graph the higher the chances of downfall because ground work is not at all existed in vertical growth. It cannot be a base of an industry, it cannot be a base of state where not only few lakhs people’s interest is involved where crores and crores of people’s interest is involved. All our investors, industrialists, are aware about what I have written so far, but everybody is after easy growth, easy money, nobody is there to wait for another 20-25 years even a few more to see or visualize a steady progress everywhere. In this growth structure agro based industry is much more affected. We all are forgetting that food is the main source of energy, the first living resource for any human being. If we ignore all these facts sooner the human civilization will be at the doorstep of destruction.