some pain and more gain

There is a famous saying “no pain no gain”…………… is said that pain makes a person richer, it can be money wise, knowledge wise, can be any kind of gain, anyway when I have started with pain lets continue with that. Most of the time it is seen that people who started a painful life since their childhood, they find it extremely unaccommodating in adjusting in  a happy life afterwards, they find some kind of solace, a shelter in their once  painful life, they need some time to come back to normality. Not all of them are equally lucky to surpass the pain………..if they learn how to submit themselves to pain they will gradually understand the deeper meaning of life, surrendering to pain will give them the numbness from the root cause  of the pain and they can develop immense strength from it which can be channelize to bigger things, greater things. It is said people in pain are actually lucky because some kind of benefits are always associated with pain.This is a philosopher thinking. But one should not invite pain intentionally  in order to experiment the benefits, its noway possible because its a spontaneous phenomenon, there are testing times, hard times in everybody’s life which should be overcome with great tolerance and perseverance. Then only you can come up as a winner.


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