Gopinath Munde’s death: accident or murder?


I feel our honorable Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi will definitely inquire about the incident of mysterious death of BJP senior leader Mr Gopinath Munde. It is very shocking to the whole nation to find their dear leader to be died in a mere car accident. Mysteriously there is no other  death toll in that accident  other than Mr Munde. Can’t it be a planned murder??…………..who knows, BJP’s landslide victory had stirred the oppositions severely so they might try to blow out someway or the other only to disrupt the whole entity created by BJP after thorough continual process. It may be an alarm for other leaders as well………….already their  ridiculous effort to belittle   Smriti Irani has come into light. May be a tough road is ahead for Modi, but no challenge is malign in front of a determined and focused leader like Modi.


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