Can anybody spare us from Sidhu’s commentary[siddhuism!!!]

I don’t know whom Sidhu  entertains by this non stop out of context blabbering……………… could not even concentrate to the game if he starts commentry………………..the two famous proverb he will definitely say each and everyday…………one is “Bakhre ki amma kab tak khyar manayegi, and another one is ” aab rone se kya fayda jab chiriya chugh gayi khet.” I feel most of the people are sick and tired of his non stop irrelevant bak bak. I used to love Sidhu’s steer and loved that catch in the boundary in India Pakistan Semi Final right on Chidambaram Stadium in 1996, but his bak bak is so tiresome. I think only he enjoys them.


2 thoughts on “Can anybody spare us from Sidhu’s commentary[siddhuism!!!]

  1. Now now .. I am actually not a big fan of his laughing .. he laughs to much..
    But I am fan of his words.. they mean a lot .. he has the gift of the gob..

    but then to all there own..


    1. Yes, few words of wisdom but sometimes specially at the crucial match point his relentless blabbering seems a bit too much of everything which is not good, no doubt he is extremely knowledgeable the way he uses the metaphors and recollect the incidents still I feel he can spare us sometimes from Sidhdhuism 🙂


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