How come a Capricorn be so unruly, messy and lack of administrative skill??

Yeah guys, I am talking about our beloved didi Smt Mamata Banerjee  The Chief Minister of one of the most thought provoking , culturally aware state West Bengal. Any politically aware Indian who follow the political scenario thoroughly can say how the picture had changed drastically in Bengal in the recent years. I am not claiming it was picture perfect before she came to the throne but when she came people of Bengal and well wishers of Bengal thought she might bring some relief to the people of Bengal but things are actually pretty messy and unorganized. One of my brief journeys to somewhere Western part of the country I heard from one of my co passenger how much Mamata Banerjee earned disgust and disrespect from people of India throughout. He said ” India has great respect for women but if she appears so harsh and disgraceful people will forget to respect women.” I dont know in which era he is living now, people have already forgot to respect women , yes he could have said  that she is an overdose to bear. She is a Capricorn Jan born woman…………..harshness is very common to them but at the same time Capricorns are very goal oriented people, they know what they are doing , very much aware of the commitments, well organised and all the good qualities of good leader are presented in their traits. Yeah friends you might say she could be the exception but one should know what leadership means when you are representing a State in the forum of Nation. I know if anybody challenges her what is the action agenda for the coming five years for Bengal she could not produce any data for it. Her answers are very vague and her body language is not up to the mark. She should have genuine well wishers around so that she can proceed properly for the work she has been chosen to do…… not to prove to the people of Bengal that they are bunch of idiots to elect  her for such responsible job.

Welcome Ravi :) we need the answer of Macgrath’s 4-0 series challenge in the coming Aussie session

We still remember about the naughty encounters between David Boon and Ravi Shastri in most of the Indi Aussie series. Very happy for the decision because India team seriously needs some toned down session in performance, attitude, and overall. We are tired of Mr Dhoni ‘s super over confident[ I know everything] attitude and much hyped Virat Kohli…………………. there is a term like sportsmanship which I feel nowadays is literally vanished from the player….little can be seen in Bhuvi, Ravidra Jadeja, Suresh Raina, Shekhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma and the rest are rested with so called celebrity status. I am sure Ravi Shastri  will definitely come up with brilliant and brainstorming code of conduct so that we could see some meaty cricket from our boys. World Cup is ahead before that we have to prepare ourselves for facing Macgrath’s challenge [ he claimed the forthcoming series will be of Aussies and that too with 4-0 lead]. Good luck boys…….:)

Ebola virus the latest menace so far

Friends be very careful as there is already red alert in India and few more countries about Ebola virus……………..the preliminary symptoms are as good as influenza but severity starts as soon as it grips firm…………….please Google for information and take necessary measures………Africa is still in the map somewhere nearer to other continents so be aware and safe. 🙂