Hughes Funeral and few more words………………

Nevertheless to say a grief  stricken day for us as Hughes Phillips set his final journey today. The small town Macksville has been overwhelmed with sorrows and mourning since this “Hugh Dog” succumb in the lap of death . The entire town was engaged in Hughes funeral today……………..people came and paid their last respect to this young man with flowers , tears and prayers. Hughes relatives came and delivered  their eulogy one by one but its Mr Michael Clarke who made it  really big. Watching him right from the press conference after Hughes death he showed the entire world how deep his involvement is with his team mates. His eulogy is full of emotions and sentiments which moved the entire world at bay. He could not suppress  his emotion during the speech ……………..specially towards the end when he said ” We must dig in, we must get through to tea, we must play on” he was literally crying. We are moved by this gesture of great empathy. May be he is criticized for being not so competent but Hughes death proved Michael Clarke as a great human being which is a definite sign of a good leader.


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