Some wise verdict…………….

Life itself is a tough journey for every individual surviving. In our life we come across many kind of people…………not necessary all of them come for some valid reasons…………..some people can be con artist , some are trickster and many come for genuine valid obligations from their part. My point is not to identify those who comes for valid reason but to know the trickiest ones those who hang around you for  unnecessarily long time. Sometimes when  they  played tricks with someone  they got stuck into it unwillingly  in due process   because nobody knows  the one with whom they had played the  tricks may be the master of the same. Life is very interesting is not it??

Tricky decision: Kapil Sibal to defend Trinamool Supremo

Ever since the news had come that Kapil Sibal is going to defend Mamata Banerjee, the main accused of Sarada Scam many are upset with this decision. But I feel its a two way deal. Kapil Sibal might have thought to defend Mamata[read weaken her side of story] so that she could not escape with more competitive lawyer and drown deeply into her deed. Or is he following the footsteps of our honorary Ram Jethmalani ?? Lets see what is going to be  stronger for Kapil Sibal……his commitment to the political party he belongs to or his dedication as a “professional” lawyer?

ALONE movie

Despite all those speculation and negative reviews Alone[2015] movie is very much appreciated and it is a hit in the box office. Bipasha and Karan Singh Grover are much liked in the movie and the movie starts taking pace in the second half. The end twist is really interesting. I think those who love to watch horror movie will enjoy it. Earlier I watched Raaz another movie of horror genre……….. apart from that Bipasha acted brilliant in Ajnabee , Jism and Race. The music is awesome in the movie[Alone] and prelude is melodious.

The Dark Knight and few more………………..When I feel low ;)

Today unfortunately is Heath Ledger’s death anniversary…………………………………..the one who mesmerized the entire world by his legendary  villainous performance as a clown in The Dark Knight movie. The amount of depth he put in the character and gave a dimension to negative acting is simply awesome. We should appreciate the visionary thought behind the make up which gives this character so much authenticity. It inspires me. When I feel low…………………I feel the clown of The Dark Knight is there behind listening to all my pathos, patting me on my shoulders and giving me a sense of assurance to say “relax bro, I am here and what can be as bad as having me on your side?” So friends don’t lament and move on or else the clown of Dark Knight will definitely come to catch you.:)

Media Massacre: Celebrity Gangster/Terrorist & Wardrobe Malfunction

Wardrobe Malfunction: These days things are quite brewing in the public……….. how worse a celebrity can carry their attire so that they feel awkward and uneasy…………… they fell down in their expensive stilettos, how their new designer wears are putting them into uncomfortable gestures in front of the camera………….is it very decent and sober enough to publish video or photographs like that  in magazines and internet? What is media for? To trouble the celebrities? To put them into bad light in front of  their fans? What they are for? I know for a considerable amount of time many  eminent  personalities had avoided media for media’s unethical code of conduct towards them………..what if the same thing will impose upon them for their unprofessional way of establishing power? They want to en-cash on the awkwardness of those celebrities for the time being. Is it really professional? Coming next to celebrity gangster or terrorist. I feel very disgust when I see in the TV how shamelessly the leader of the terrorist group shouting in the microphone put in front of them against public interest against state interest and how audacity they have to say such things in the media? I really think this kind of programme should be banned…… and other media channel should not broadcast or show case their hate speeches……………….. people might think it the easiest way to be a celebrity when you can stir the nation by utter nonsense.[where are the footages of those great teachers those who produced thousands of brilliant students for the country?] I dont know from where they have done their mass communication from……………… where they should have been taught the true meaning of media: its much more bigger than all those obnoxious terminology like Celebrity Gangster, Wardrobe Malfunction etc.

Industrial Development: A penny saved is a penny earned

Its high time for Indian Industries to look thoroughly into the finance they are providing to the political parties. I feel they should stop financing corrupted political parties because we have other sector to invest money[majorly health sector] not to those obnoxious politicians those who use the party finance for personal benefits. There are various areas of an Industry where money wastage can be cut short. Proper  power consumption, handling manufacturing surplus and chances of recycling, proper disposal of Industrial wastage so that they should not get mix in the main water bodies of the country . In heavy Industry manufacturing machines consume major portion of electricity whereas  the machines can be serviced regularly for proper functioning or can be altered after certain period of time so that power consumption will be comparatively lesser. I know the things I am discussing are already there in the agenda but what I feel  proper implementation  is needed. The amount of money get waste in every five year alternate for election campaigning and procedure , if saved can be used for at least five big major Industries in India. Industrialists are the backbone of political parties without them Political parties cannot get funding , so they[Industrialists] can invest  and choose the candidate wisely. Time has come…..  India needs good politicians[actually India don’t need politics at all, mark my word its true] and we cannot provide money for corruption. We need to raise our  voice until and unless things are  going to take place.

Industrial Land[development] under President Quota

I might write relentlessly for non political Industrial Development until and unless people get convinced and support for the same. I believe NGOs should have more power to impose their line of action in the Industrial Estate so that things can go in impartial  smoother way. I personally visited several Industrial Parks and have witnessed various  manufacturing procedures and things are actually can be done very harmonious and integrated way rather than joining  typical Indian NARABAAZI and so on. There should be more Foreign Investors  and our people should train the workers so that they can communicate and cooperate with Foreign projects simultaneously with Desi projects. I believe there should be some social agenda of each Industry so that people can understand Industry is for the people by the people and of the people. This is not the end. The discussion is open until and unless things come into reality and people should actually think [including political people] that a bill should pass where non political Industrial ventures should get immense support everywhere in India.

Industrial Development [P1]Few ideas which can be considered for Better India:shamelessly yours

I believe its high time India should amend certain conventional rules which is for betterment and welfare in general for the country. Several instances are sited that political interference are playing havoc in the growth of Industrial Development of certain states, certain region. I know many of us will agree with the point that political interference are unnecessary and they are  deterring Industrial development where majority’s interest of betterment is involved. I can cite example of Bengal where three major groups TATA, Zindal, and Infosys had withdrawn their projects from Bengal due to political interference, simply political and nothing else. So its high time to distort and build certain rules for Industrial Development of each state without political interference. I believe people should work in team to identify areas of each state which are suitable for Industrial Development and those lands will be highly protected under President’s quota. Even Prime Minister cannot intervene into this. These lands will be given to those prospective projects which Industrialists of different sectors want to develop accordingly WITHOUT ANY POLITICAL INTERFERENCE. I feel different NGOs can be built to take care of the circumstantial issues of the industry. The state will be bound to help unconditionally[by law] in every aspect so that projects can carry forward smoothly. I might sound over ambitious and expecting [ read dreaming] more from our own people but this can be considered a way if we want to see a better India. Opposition does not always give competitive results. Even in our favorite politics several example are there. During the second term Prime Ministerial venture Smt Indira Gandhi was more successful than the first term…………people said the opposition was pretty weak during her second term.:) We can take inspiration from this and let others work without opposing………. sometimes people dig their own graveyard by opposing others. Mamata Banerjee is the brightest instance.