Not assured with the new World Cup Squad

Is it  ICC World Cup Cricket ? OR IPL ? Really could not understand what is running in selector’s mind! Zaheer, Shewag, Harbhajan, Gauti all are faded from the selector’s choices and newly introduced people are coming to the squad many of them hardly played One Day International game for India. Team selection should be done six months prior so that players can be in constant practice and under training with World Cup Experts. Could not understand the logic behind this unstable combination. MS Dhoni recently declared his retirement from Test Cricket and he explained that while leading the team he listened more to his subconscious rather than conscious mind.[ God help us with those hypothetical pathetic theories for incompetency]. Does not matter because he will be leading Team India in the coming World Cup Tournament with subconscious mind and all those illogical decisions while spreading the field. I feel its wise not to comment about the ongoing series of India and Australia[ see the disastrous stats of the matches played each time]. Time is short and it seems things [ team selection] had been done in a hurry. Is India waiting for some charisma or some kind of  Midas touch to be happened in the World Cup matches ?? I feel its best to start the blame game from right now because when the matches will be playing half the way of each defeat our people starts rattling against each other and pointing responsibility to each other which is very predictably boring………….if they start the blame game from right now at least we will be prepared for what comes ahead and avoid supporting the team . If I am not overextending or over expecting can we call back Sachin Tendulkar to break the retirement and come for the rescue????[ we all know he wanted to play 2015 World Cup]  At least I sound a little more relevant than the selectors.


2 thoughts on “Not assured with the new World Cup Squad

  1. Anyway the squad is too predictable given that the squad selection was never for new players just a SELECTED few rather than new ones. N evn the playing 11 hs almost nvr changed coz chances r only given to a few players others are just to bring the drinks. :/

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