Industrial Land[development] under President Quota

I might write relentlessly for non political Industrial Development until and unless people get convinced and support for the same. I believe NGOs should have more power to impose their line of action in the Industrial Estate so that things can go in impartial  smoother way. I personally visited several Industrial Parks and have witnessed various  manufacturing procedures and things are actually can be done very harmonious and integrated way rather than joining  typical Indian NARABAAZI and so on. There should be more Foreign Investors  and our people should train the workers so that they can communicate and cooperate with Foreign projects simultaneously with Desi projects. I believe there should be some social agenda of each Industry so that people can understand Industry is for the people by the people and of the people. This is not the end. The discussion is open until and unless things come into reality and people should actually think [including political people] that a bill should pass where non political Industrial ventures should get immense support everywhere in India.


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