A story of Kalidasa………….the great poet

This story I have heard from one of my teachers when I was in my school. This is a story about  our great Sanskrit Poet Kalidasa. At that time Sri Kalidasa was slowly climbing the ladder of success for his talent of poetry………..everybody around was in ardent praise about his poetic excellence. When admiration came, jealousy and competitiveness also loom large around the corner. There is no exception in the case of Kalidasa. The group of Sanskrit poets challenged his poetic talent and called for a Poet Conference where a poetic contest had been arranged. One side there were renowned Sanksrit Poets and their admirers and another side there was Kalidasa alone . Kalidasa kept very low profile right from the beginning . After  prolonged poetic expressions from both the side the judges were confused to decide who was great. Then they decided to go a little offbeat way……………………they showed both the group a dry tree trunk kept in front of them and asked to express the same in poetic gesture. The Sanskrit poets expressed ” SUSHKANG KASHTHANG TISHATI AGRE” to which Kalidasa replied “NIRASA TARUBARA PURATA BHAAGE” 🙂 whereas both the meaning are same[a dry tree trunk is lying in front ] and Kalidasa’s version sound more poetic and rhythmic . So  the judgement was made in favor of Kalidasa.


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