Its High time for Bollywood Film Industry to stand beside the earthquakestriken Nepal…………



It’s that very song about which Amitabh Bachchan has twitted earlier………..the place  [ Bhaktapur Durbar Square] has now turned into a debris of historic ruins. Not for this song entirely the Bollywood Film Industry may not be aware of the fact that Nepal can give India a run so far the ardent fans and admirer for Hindi Film Industry is concerned. Even a toddler starts humming Hindi film songs before he/she could utter a complete sentence in Nepali language. Bollywood has deep impact over Nepal as Hindi films are one of the major source of entertainment in this hilly country. So I feel its high time for Bollywood Film Industry to payback the love and admiration Nepal has always shown for Bollywood. The entire film industry should stand  beside them and should make  an unforgettable earthquake relief campaign by raising huge amount of  funds and by their presence over there to lift the spirit of the people of Nepal.


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