Nepal: The Wake of the Quake – Nepal’s Rural Ruins

Here are the pictures of the rural ruins of Nepal


I was contacted this morning by 30-year-old Rich Birkett, a British tourist who had been trekking in the Himalayas with friends when the monstrous 7.8 magnitude earthquake tore through Nepal on Saturday.

After an exhausting four day, 45 kilometre cross country hike through Nepal’s devastated villages, Rich and his friends have finally arrived safely back to Kathmandu and are currently planning their exit out of Nepal.


“We were on a bus on the way to Langtang National Park when the earthquake hit, we weren’t sure what was happening but as the quake got worse it became clear as the people in the small village we were in started running out of their houses.

We waited in the village for a few hours then made our way on foot down a mountain and along a valley to a town called Trisuli, this part of the trek was not hard but what we had to witness was, it…

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