Nepal can use nearest airport runways like of Bhutan’s or of Siliguri West Bengal

So that cargoes need not have to return and they can halt in either Bhutan airport or of Siliguri  and from there, people  carry the relief goods in small jets up to Tribhuvan International Airport. Local people are furious to see Govt. inadequacy to face such emergence which has occurred  in Nepal after this severe earthquake. At this time I don’t think Nepal Govt could afford such risks. I know the idea I am suggesting is time consuming but considering the situation there are no better options at hand.

4 thoughts on “Nepal can use nearest airport runways like of Bhutan’s or of Siliguri West Bengal

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  1. I certainly agree with you about this issue, however the problem of pointing fingers during the crisis never helps and the issue of hindsight is pointless.

    My question is would trucks and supply lines be able to travel from those distant places. Or would the roads be to treacherous and blocked to transport the goods. The efforts of the multinational forces should be to get people settled and then start to get better roads and infrastructure afterward.

    My goal has been, since being evacuated, to raise awareness and get the help needed. I’m very happy to read your blog and get further insight to the problems on hand. Thank you for connecting and I look forward to hearing from you.

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      1. True. Even though the people there are so helpful and caring of one another. They’ve been fighting this situation for a week. And there are so many hungry and hurt and cold already.

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      2. Health issues are arising as there are frequent rainfalls and shelters are scanty. They need big tents and other equipments to set up temporary shelters.


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