[Photo essay] Nepal earthquake: A country rises from the debris Nepalese photo-journalist Bikas Rauniar captures glimpses from the earthquake-ravaged areas[courtesy: Daily O].


Local residents of Uttar Dhoka, Kathmandu sleep in a ground floor with their shutter open. People are still scared the earthquake’s after shocks.


A Chinese rescue team gets ready to leave for the earthquake-hit areas in Thamel , Kathmandu on Friday.

Relief material from Patna, Bihar arrive in Kathmandu.
A young Tibetan volunteer after giving relief materials to earthquake survivors at Sano Thimi, Bhaktapur

 Children play near their make-shift tent at Sano Thimi, Bhaktapur


A Chinese doctor examines a child survivor of the earthquake at Bhaktapur Durbar Square.


Members of Armed Police Force (APF) removing the debris from a demolished temple near the famous Nyatpola Temple in Bhaktapur on Friday.


A health volunteer performs simple physiotherapy to ease a earthquake survivor’s pain at Taumadhi , Bhaktapur.


A woman looks at her demolished home in Bhaktapur.


A medical team of the Pakistan army  treats a earthquake survivor at the Army School compound at Sallaghari, Bhaktapur.


A member of Pakistan Army team displays a picture on her mobile phone, showing a baby who was born at their make-shift medical facility at the Army School compound.


Joint Trade Union Congess Co-ordination Committee lit candles at Maitighar Mandala in memory of those killed in the earthquake.

BIKAS RAUNIAR @bikasrauniar
Former photo editor, Kantipur publications, Kathmandu.


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