Some news should not be in news headlines: GROW UP MEDIA

Those who know about Nepal and other hilly country and region , they must have known about some brutal unkind truth about them along with the scenic beauty and rich history of the same region. Media should not circulate any news or any details of women and children survivors those who are in vulnerable state. In stead they should maintain high emergence confidentiality for their protection and  contact NGOs and Woman and child welfare associations[media and news people have innumerable contacts] so that things can be taken care of properly. They can inform the local cops and warn the people over there about anticipated dangers and ask those quake victims to take help from authentic badge holders. If media keeps on writing and shouting about the danger of human trafficking the human traffic vultures will get lead from the news and start operating their heinous actions smoothly. Media itself is digging grave of danger for those helpless people. When will we grow up? I know this kind of news draws more TRPs than that of people starving in remote rural areas out of food and shelter. But the mindset should be changed it has to be changed. They should use some brain and sensibility before out-breaking any news which can be vulnerable for those innocent and to some extent ignorant people. They can make effort to rehabilitate them in safe shelters and afterwards when things will settle down they can share the success story and their contribution [ for those hapless women and children] to the news media…………..we don’t mind hearing and watching the news at that time  even after 50 times broadcasting/telecasting throughout the day.


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