Two earthquakes bring health risks to Nepal

Yale Global Health Review

earthquake Overview of areas most affected by the Nepalese earthquakes. Source: USAID


*Previously published on Yale Monsoon’s Blog

A 7.3 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal last Tuesday, only two weeks after a devastating 7.8 earthquake shook the country on April 25th. These earthquakes killed over 8,000 people and displaced close to 3 million others.

Today, Nepal’s government and organizations are struggling to rebuild critical infrastructure and provide those affected with food and shelter.

Many factors have made relief efforts challenging, including Nepal’s mountainous terrain, the high proportion of Nepalese people living in rural areas, and limited funding. These efforts are further complicated by the impending monsoon season.

Nepal’s monsoon season is expected to begin in June, giving aid workers between three and five weeks to prepare for heavy rains. The monsoon season usually lasts from June to September, bringing Nepal 80 percent of its precipitation for the year. Nepal’s…

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