Nepal should earn donors’ trust for effective reconstruction


Murari Sharma

The government of Nepal has invited the international community to a conference it is planning to host in Kathmandu to seek support for the reconstruction of earthquake devastated homes and infrastructures. However, its development partners do not trust the political parties of Nepal.

Nepal relies heavily on foreign assistance for its development activities. Therefore, its government need to take several measures before it can earn the much-needed trust from the donor community and make the conference a success.

The need for reconstruction, generated by the major April and May earthquakes and thousands of aftershocks, is gargantuan. The quakes have killed nearly 9,000 people and destroyed or damaged over 60,000 private houses and 700 temples as well as several roads and other physical infrastructures. The total physical damage has been estimated to the magnitude of 70 billion rupees (Rs.100=US$1).

Obviously, the victims of the quakes do not have a roof over their…

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