Nepal – The Day The Earth Shattered

Zyrogate Faine

Along with thousands of lives…

art 1

Last month, I participated in Project Sagarmāthā, which was oriented around providing monetary aid to the victims in the recent Nepal earthquake on 25th April 2015. Over 8,000 people died from the earthquake and many homes were devastated as well. It was a really shocking and agonising incident for all.


Public Donation Drive: SGD $17,441.40

School Donation Drive: SGD $11,971.00


In this project, we organised a School Donation Drive and a Public Donation Drive throughout Singapore, to collect donations for the Nepal earthquake victims. It was definitely a tedious process, having to design posters, ask shopping malls for permissions, being rejected and then asking other shopping malls, having to prepare all the administrative documents for the booth itself, etc.

photo 4

Overall, it was an eye-opener as that was the first time I participated in a planning committee of a donation project. I didn’t…

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