Nepal donors’ ‘concern’ over end of emergency quake aid[courtesy:BBC NEWS]

A digger clears a landslide in Nuwakot district

Diggers work at high altitude and in tough terrain in Nepal to clear landslides

Members of the donor community in earthquake-hit Nepal are concerned that the government is moving too fast with long-term reconstruction plans.

They say the needs of tens of thousands of people in remote areas remain unmet and should not be forgotten.

Nepal is hosting a major international donors conference on Thursday aimed at securing foreign aid to rebuild everything destroyed in the 25 April earthquake.

A UN official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said donors had used a formal diplomatic procedure known as a demarche, to tell the government directly of their concerns.

UN figures show nearly 45,000 households in far-flung mountainous regions are waiting for urgent supplies like tarpaulins and medicines.

It’s an acute need with monsoon rains under way.

Nepal earthquake

Counting the cost


needed by Nepal to rebuild


of Nepal’s GDP wiped out

  • 8,832 people died
  • 500,000 homes destroyed
  • 2.8m people affected

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