His Grace is Sufficient // Nepal Reflections

learning the rhythms

DSC_9250The people of Nepal have been gripped with fear as the aftershocks of a massive 7.8 earthquake have continued to shake the ground beneath them.  Rumors swarm as to when the next “BIG ONE” will hit while each ensuing tremor serves as a constant reminder of the buildings they saw crumble to the ground, injuring and killing thousands of their neighbors, friends and loved ones.   Not trusting the structure over their heads, families relocated to tents in clear spaces that would give some assurance of safety and rest for another day.

Just as some had begun to put their fears behind them, another large earthquake (7.3) shook those feelings right back to the surface.  I had arrived in Nepal with EMI’s first Disaster Response (DR) team a few days before this earthquake and I can honestly say that the shaking was unlike anything I had ever experienced.  After it was over, I went…

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