Selective aid: The hypocritical face of certain discriminatory relief organisations

Absolute Gurkha

It is incredibly heart warming and uplifting to meet people, both Nepalese and international volunteers, who have called a time out on their normal daily routine in order to do what they can to help those in rural areas of Nepal recover from the two earthquakes. We live in a beautiful but messed up and turbulent world, however the support that I have witnessed first hand has reinstated my faith in humanity. Since I announced on social media that I was dedicating my time to helping Nepal, friends, and at times friends of friends from all over the world have either donated or supported what we are doing, and it has highlighted that people really care about the current state of Nepal.

However, with all of the good that is being done here, on the ground in Nepal there are also sickening acts that people are discussing. It has been…

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