Service is Our Highest Calling

Raven Droppings

All photographs are compliments of Gokul Bhujel.

Sometimes events conspire to wake us up. That’s been my experience numerous times, and it’s happened to me again recently. My latest enlightenment centers around the massive Nepal earthquakes.

It began when a friend and his dog traveled to Nepal on a search and rescue mission. He was only there a short time, but his story on his return tugged at my heart strings. He and his partner struggled with the bureaucracy to provide their services to the people, Indigenous Peoples, in the remote mountain villages.

From what I hear, my friend and his partner, along with a few others, finally undertook their own clandestine mission, under the cover of night, to try to get to those who most desperately needed help.

I’ve also just heard that, possibly because of their rebellious actions, they were sent packing. I haven’t taken the time to…

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