Kathmandu: so much to see

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IMG_0012There really is.

So much to see in Kathmandu.

And after only a week I have this strange feeling inside: a feeling that stirs memories long-forgotten. It’s an uneasy feeling. A feeling I can’t quite put my finger on. I remember it through a veil. I think it may be love.

Sure, the temples, artefacts, historical places and other ancient bits and bobs are beautiful, exotic and intriguing but, as with any of the places I’ve visited, it’s the people who really capture my heart.

In the car on the way home yesterday Pushpa, my driver, was explaining to me how I’m not actually staying in Kathmandu itself. “This is Patan. Kathmandu lies just across the Bagmati River …”

“Have you been to the Patan Durbar Square yet?” he continued, “It’s just up the hill, not far from the hotel. It’s quite something.”

I told him I hadn’t but that I would…

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