Nepal Earthquake 2015 – Relief Fund Update #5

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It’s hard to believe it has been almost three months since the first earthquake on April 25, 2015. Thanks to your many generous donations, we have now raised over $13,000 for earthquake aid and recovery efforts. Drew and I took a step back this week to really think abut that number – $13,000! How incredible! We are so very grateful to have friends and family in our lives who have such kindness and caring in their hearts.

The week before last, we sent 220 water filters to the large village of Syafru Bensi in the Rasuwa District with our dear friend, Dorche…

Dorche (Sunil's father) is a certified trekking guide - he guided our short trek in Annapurna  in 2012. (Here we are watching the sun rise over the Himalayas from Poon Hill). Dorche was guiding a trek in the Langtang region when the earthquake struck - luckily he (and his daughter Sapana who was with him) are okay!  Dorche is our friend, Sunil Tamang’s father. He guided our trek to the Annapurna region in 2012.

We had originally hoped to send materials for temporary housing structures up to Syafru Bensi, but after our assessments, we realized that we did not have the budget to bring enough…

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