3 months on: What is the status of mental health and psychosocial support in Nepal?

Sujen Man Maharjan

IMG_5546Three months ago, the mega earthquakes hit Nepal on April 25 & 26 followed by another big one on May 12. According to Nepal government official report, over 8844 people lost their lives, over 22000 were injured, over 150 went missing and hundreds of thousands lost their homes and property in the aftermath of the disaster. In addition to physical impacts, there has been invisible but significant mental health and psychosocial consequences as well. Fortunately, from worldwide research, we know that while people experience acute stress and ongoing fear and uncertainty due to recurring aftershocks, the majority of people will recover naturally over time. That said, we must not ignore others who will need longer term care and support to restore their psychological well-being. Even if only 1% of the 8 million people who experienced the earthquake have ongoing psychological distress, that means at least 80,000 people will be…

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