Earthquake through my eyes… Are we to mourn or to save what’s left?

Utsav Chelsea Karki


We have had a ringside seat to war, a massacre of royals, the return to absolute monarchy, a people power uprising, ceasefire, and a prolonged political transition. We have witnessed deadly floods, avalanches, blizzards and this recent Mega-earthquake.It would be an injustice to neglect the day that has forever left a scar in the hearts of Nepalese people. The 7.9 richter scale earthquake that has killed over 9,000 people and caused countless casualties was a ‘nightmare waiting to happen’. Still haunted by their terrifying experiences, hundreds of people, till date, suffer from mental trauma. Aftershocks continue, terrifying the jittery citizens time and again.


Clearly inequipped to deal with this challenge, the government received more aids than even Haiti did during its 2010 earthquake. But, where did all this money go? It was clearly more than enough, yet stomachs remained empty. Thankfully, 90% of Nepalese troops were recruited for search and…

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