Rubble Removal & IDP Camps in Kathmandu

Moving Mindful

Since our last post, about our experience delivering the school supplies in Saurpani, Gorkha, Ben and I decided to return to Kathmandu. The monsoon season had started and sadly, based on our experience driving to and from Saurpani, we could see the roads were already deteriorating. Landslides would soon become the norm and some roads were expected to wash out completely. For the next three months these remote villages would now be even further cut off from the aid they desperately needed. We decided we would continue supporting relief projects in these areas, but would do so based out of Kathmandu.

We have been living in Kathmandu for the past month and have loved our experience here. We’ve spent our time volunteering 6 days a week with an organization called All Hands. They are an American NGO that has international volunteers on the ground, working in various communities in and…

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