Are You Covered to Travel Nepal?

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Many tourists, including adventure tourists, are wondering if their travel policy will cover their trip to Nepal.

World Nomads, a leader in adventure travel insurance, has clarified that traveling to Nepal is safe and their current policy do cover a trip to nepal.

On 9th June 2015, Nepal Tourism Board declared the country was safe and open for tourism. Of the 75 districts of Nepal, only 14 suffered significant damage. Most of trekking trails and peaks are safe and open for the upcoming Autumn season.

Therefore, if you are looking to travel Nepal in the Autumn 2015, you can do so. Many travel insurance providers like World Nomads will support your trip.

CEO Sue Badyari (World Nomads),

A major decline in tourism would be another disaster for Nepal. We need to be very clear it’s business as usual in Nepal from September.

Am I covered by travel insurance if I…

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