Volunteers Needed!


Many hand make light work…so they say ….

I cant promise the work will be light, after all we are filling bags with earth and sticking them together lego fashion (can you tell im not the builder?) but I can say we do need hands.

I have a social media campaign going and a facebook page. I have even contacted hostels around the work asking them to display my posters…so far so good.

Shree has a friend who he was also a trekking customer like me, who is from Vancouver but lives in Japan. Jesse Benson started a funding campaign immediately after the earthquake with plans to come here in December to build classrooms. He has done an amazing job and there will be approx 15 team members coming late December until after the New Year. He has raised over $10,000 usd and and now his team are combining their…

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Child Sponsor Scheme NIBDA


Working with NIBDA

Each week have been working to help Sunita at NIBDA with their website and plans for the future. At the moment they are looking after 10 children at the home, each with different heartbreaking stories of how they came to live with them. NIBDA are doing an amazing job for such a small organisation and Sunita is gradually being to make progress with funding assistance and awareness. All I can say once meeting these children, is that its a good job I cant adopt from Nepal, or they would all have to come home with me! I say all because they all so lovely I wouldn’t be able to choose just one – so 10 it would have to be!

We have decided to open child sponsorship to help them with the day to day costs of looking after these children with their specials needs. These children…

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Nepal – DR … to TCD !

Daniel at GHNI

Little boy & bag (village help) - Nepal Little boy & bag (village help) – Nepal
GHNI-Nepal is wholly committed to TCD-Transformational Community Development. Disaster Relief, in the mean time, has consumed all our energies and resources to date since the earthquakes. We are still in the throws of disaster relief right now.
Tin distribution-village 8-'15 Tin distribution-village 8-’15
The majority of our income-donations for Nepal continues to be requested and focused on DR. Vast numbers of villages are still in need of DR help from so many sources, and we are helping in every conceivable way we can in GHNI.
off-loading truck -Nepal 8-'15 off-loading truck -Nepal 8-’15
Winter is coming quick, and shelter from the elements is essential to all remote villages. So we continue disaster relief.
Tents Kathmandu 8-'15 Tents Kathmandu 8-’15

Yet … yet, GHNI is not primarily a DR agent. So as soon as we can see the “light-of-day” from DR … we are transitioning in TCD! Thanks for being so faithful in…

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ANNAPURNA : Poon Hill Trek


.   .   .

Ok, so… An Englishman, American and German go on a Trek…

RK - poon hill 20.

Day 1 : Naya Pul to Ulleri

RK - poon hill 01


A surprisingly tough day on the ol’ pegs, clearly out of practice… Of course it was to be nearly all up hill, but we made it a little harder for ourselves by taking a short but steep and unnecessary detour through local padi fields. Although It provided beautiful scenery of the surrounding hills, it was not ideal preparation for the 3500 steps we later had to tackle, leading us up through the clouds, to reach our first night stop at Ulleri.


Day 2 : Ulleri to Ghorepani

RK - poon hill 21


Continuing through the soggy mist we eventually came to an enchanting but leech infested forest, which was to be much of day two’s story. The ever interesting and changing environments helped the hours roll by fairly smoothly, as…

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Trekking in Nepal

change a life journey


Annapurna is an amazing and popular trekking range, with local tea house accommodation. You can take our popular 5 day Poon hill trek or do the Annapurna circuit reaching heights of 5,454m.

Everest Base Camp

Everest the queen of the Himalayas is not to be conquered by the faint hearted. Reaching her foothills at base camp however is still and achievement of a life time. You will trek through the villages of the resilient people there and have amazing views all around. Gokyo Lake can is an ice Lake that is a worthwhile alternative route

Upper Mustang

The last forbidden Kingdom of stark beauty and remote deep culture and tradition. Until recently this was

Village Trek

This is perfect for the person seeking an authentic experience of the genuine Nepali lifestyle. Be welcomed into the local homes and hospitality. You will be off the beaten track and be able…

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Nepal – Day 3

The life and times of Perry...

This morning after a reasonably good sleep on a solid floor, I headed for the shower only to get 1/2 way through and the water ran out… Lathered up with barely a dribble coming out of the faucet is not ideal but it just had to do. After getting washed up, dried and changed I joined the rest of the team for breakfast downstairs (still not quiet sure about the whole powdered milk thing).

2015-08-29 Liwali 008Ralph, M J and I then prepared our packs etc. so that we could head out to Liwali which is home for 62 families who are internally displaced people (IDP’s). We were distributing quilts (shidicks), mosquito nets, toys, salt and cooking oil.

The villagers there were very appreciative of the help that the Salvation Mission is able to provide. An example of their hospitality was that we were not allowed to leave without sharing lunch with them.

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Rebuilding Nepal: 4 months after the earthquake, waiting for the road to rebuilding after the monsoon season


Over 400 families affected by the earthquake now reside in the refugee camps in Dhading Over 400 families affected by the earthquake now reside in the refugee camps in Dhading

25 August, 4 months after the earthquake in Nepal on 25 April, Tang (a member of CEDAR Relief Team) came back a week ago to report on the current state of Nepal after the earthquake.

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Nepal – Day 2

The life and times of Perry...

After arriving into Kathmandu, getting my visa and clearing customs I was met by Major David Bennett who is the New Zealand, Fiji & Tonga (NZFT) Territorial Emergency Services Secretary, M J who is a member of the International Emergency Services (IES) Team from America & the local Corps Officer Sanga. After loading my bags into the car we braved the traffic in Kathmandu, although they appear to have lanes hardly anyone sticks to them and from time to time we were even driving on the other side of the road. It makes the traffic around the Arc de Triomphe tame in comparison.

Upon getting to base camp which is located on the top story of Sisters Cafe & Beauty, I got settled in and had lunch with the team leader Andrew from Australia. Sisters Cafe & Beauty provides young women with training and life skills development to increase their…

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