I witnessed the Tourism recovery 


I find myself lucky in a way that I witnessed this earthquake.  But there are people who lost their houses, their loved ones. There is no doubt that this year will remain as one of the unluckiest year in Nepal’s’ history.

That time when people were busy leaving Nepal. Foreigners were picked up to their respective countries by their respective governments. We helplessly waved our hands to those planes thinking that they were now safe and we were left to die. People left Kathmandu, but earthquake was everywhere in Nepal. we (who lived in Kathmandu) were waiting another quake every moment. Everywhere was a dilemma as to how to start life now?  if those aftershocks never stopped.

But time heals. we developed a habit of having aftershocks. In the meanwhile, my office asked me to write a newsletter to our customers booked for their Nepal tour, requesting them not to…

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