Kathmandu | ‘No-more-disaster’ Planning

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A team from the Indian Institute for Human Settlements visited Kathmandu and a few neighbouring villages in the week between the two earthquakes of April and May 2015. This note is based on the quick assessment that was made right after and presented at a few conferences and public foras in the last few months, in the hope that better planning in Kathmandu, and many other places around the world that are exposed to external hazards, can save them from disasters.

The key research questions we started the mission with included:
1. What are the key causes of damages, and what can be done to abate them in the future?
2. How can we build people’s capacities and knowledge about earthquake resistant building technologies? And yet, how can we ensure proper shelter for the displaced people before the upcoming monsoon season?
3. How can we strike a balance between building…

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