Radical Ideas to Revamp Nepal

The Do In Kathmandu

It’s no secret: Nepal needs some work. According to the IMF, it is the 2nd poorest country outside of Africa. Transparency International ranks it 126 out of 175 countries for corruption, placing it alongside such bastions of dodginess as Honduras and Pakistan (low ranking = more corruption). And the average Nepali can expect to live fifteen years less than if they’d been born in a country like Italy or Australia.

Never fear though. Here are 10 radical innovations which, by my calculation, will solve almost every single one of Nepal’s economic, environmental and governance woes.

1. Buddha Land

Did you know that Nepal is the birthplace of the legendary Gautama Buddha? You know, the founder of the oldest living religion in the world. Don’t worry, neither did I.

And that’s exactly the point – they should be marketing this shit. If Che Guevara’s Marxist philosophy can be subverted to turn him into an enduring icon of profit-driven mass T-shirt production, surely Buddha’s philosophy of enlightened non-attachment is good…

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