Now I Can See

The Life of an Ex-Amish Girl

It is hard to put into words exactly how the mission trip to Nepal has impacted me. It changed me as a human being. I now feel ashamed to walk into a grocery store and have all the options of every kind of food imaginable. I have the option have cooking whatever I want or go to a gazillion restaurants during a course of a year. In Nepal – eating rice is a luxury, but it is also a staple food for them and is a preferred meal rather than a hamburger.

It took time to get used to the hectic all-over-road-disoriented-traffic and pollution. I would flinch every time I had to cross a busy intersection because I felt like a walking target for some little Tuk Tuk to run over me. There are no stop signs at all so you can only imagine the chaos. Even in America, it’s sometimes…

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