Sankhu Project #1

Jet Setter Josh

On Friday the 14th, I had my first day with All Hands in Nepal. I had met one of the local coordinators on Wednesday afternoon at the designated meeting place to sign some paperwork and discuss the daily routine, yet really had no idea what to expect from the sites, the work and the people.

Waking bright and early on Friday morning to the family rooster (this thing doesn’t know whether it’s coming or going, this mornings call happened to be 4am), I lay in bed and thought about what the day could entail and the type of people I would be meeting. I eventually got up around 5:30, packed a bag and made my way downstairs to where a huge breakfast was kindly waiting for me.

Just after 6:30, one of the family housekeepers (Navres) kindly accompanied me out the door and up the street to the…

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