Nepal – Day 3

The life and times of Perry...

This morning after a reasonably good sleep on a solid floor, I headed for the shower only to get 1/2 way through and the water ran out… Lathered up with barely a dribble coming out of the faucet is not ideal but it just had to do. After getting washed up, dried and changed I joined the rest of the team for breakfast downstairs (still not quiet sure about the whole powdered milk thing).

2015-08-29 Liwali 008Ralph, M J and I then prepared our packs etc. so that we could head out to Liwali which is home for 62 families who are internally displaced people (IDP’s). We were distributing quilts (shidicks), mosquito nets, toys, salt and cooking oil.

The villagers there were very appreciative of the help that the Salvation Mission is able to provide. An example of their hospitality was that we were not allowed to leave without sharing lunch with them.

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