London & Nepal: Return to Nepal Documentary


Return to Nepal is a web based documentary promoting tourism in Nepal to help rebuild the lives of thousands of people


The Background

We have all seen images of the devastation of the earthquakes in Nepal. They have and continue to raise much needed support for the affected areas. Unfortunately, as with many natural disasters, these images have created the misconception that the entire country was devastated and is no longer a place worth visiting. The reality is that only 11 of 75 districts were affected.

Since the earthquake tourism has fallen by 60%, which equates to around £195min lost revenue from the industry and over 1 million people and their families are suffering as a result.  There are also fears that over the next year 70% of bookings will also be cancelled, exacerbating the situation further.

Buddhist prayer flags and mount Everest

The Plan

Doc and team have a plan to turn this around and you have a…

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