Annette’s request to the world!


As a result of worklessness in the tourism industry of Nepal and the result in joblessness, I and my friends are traveling in the country like when we were in high school.  We were in the Unesco world heritage site of Bhaktapur and right in front of the 5 story pagoda temple namely Nyatapole. I was in less than 10 min joined by a beautiful lady. The communicator in me needs no reason and knows no boundary to talk to anyone around me and that’s what happened today as well!


I spoke to her and I asked her if it was her first time and in return she replied it was her second. She was reluctant at first to talk as she thought I may be one of those stalker and was trying to offer her some deal. Well the first question she asked was ‘are you a Nepali’? I get…

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