CHUCHEPATI IDP CAMP : Displaced and Disregarded


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Thanks to experienced first-hand accounts from two members of ACF (one of half a dozen NGOs working on-site at Chuchepati) we would later learn of the true scale of this Internationally Displaced Persons camp. As we wandered through the sea of white, eyes dotting between an occasional crest of blue, we encountered only a few individuals in a vast, seemingly deserted village of temporary relief.

After navigating a relatively small portion of tents and their respective complex of ropes we came across a shelter that was not void of life. In fact we’d ignorantly interrupted a counselling session lead by two NGO workers of ACF (A French organisation translated to Action Against Hunger). As well as understandable depression issues and mental trauma affecting lives here, domestic violence is a common problem at the camp. With no effective or vigilante law-enforcement presence, this was a concerning realisation…

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