Out of the night of negativity… towards the sun shining bright

not commenting anything about it just reblogging it 🙂

from my perception

Clouds of negativity have surrounded us so deep that we fail to see beautiful life just ahead of us. We stare at the locked door too long that we forget about much better opportunities knocking at the other door. We have started searching a reason to complain, not a reason to appreciate. Our intellect has been encapsulated by the negativity so badly that we are not even able to think. This is my pledge to my dearest Nepalese brothers and sisters to stop filling my Facebook homepage with #backofindia and other post of that kind.

Firstly, see the beauty of life. How beautiful life is? Why are we running after things we don’t have?  Having been so used to petroleum products, sudden blockade from Indian Government has been a great difficulty. But let’s see it from a different view. Don’t you think strengthening of Nepal-China trade would be great? How…

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