Sankhu Project #2

Jet Setter Josh

This house was in the same area as the first house I completed with All Hands, just an extra 10 minutes walk down a muddy trail and down into the bottom of the valley. Below is Sankhu in the early morning, cloud filled valleys of the most vibrant green.

Sankhu in the early morning. Cloud filled valleys of the most vibrant green.

Potato and corn crops grow where a three story house once stood. The house collapsed during the second earthquake after withstanding the first in April. Living here was a family of four – mother, father, son and daughter. The son was inside during the second earthquake whilst the rest of the family were attending the fields. As soon as the ground started moving, he ran outside just in time to see the entire house collapse before his eyes.

Talking with the beneficiary about the plan of attack

The land was so overgrown with foliage, we spent the first few hours weeding the place in order to find a starting point.

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