How SIRC is handling the effects of the blockade?

Bowen to Bangladesh

What blockade you might ask?  If you are not reading the odd article in the NY Times or following periodic reports from Al Jazeera and BBC, relying primarily on North American media sources, then you will be forgiven for knowing very little about the blockade underway on the border between Nepal and India.

While I don’t want to get into the politics behind the blockade, here’s an article from the Washington Post that will give some background on why Nepal has once again, ground to a halt. For the past week, all goods and fuel have been stalled at the border between Nepal and India – the primary gateway of goods and fuel to Nepal.  As a landlocked and mountainous country, Nepal has few options on how it imports it’s goods.

For those of you wondering why goods cannot be trucked into Nepal along the highway from Tibet/China, it’s because…

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