Project Update #2

the life aquaponic

Unfortunately, not much has happened since our last update. But that’s no reason not to keep reading!

In fact, quite the opposite…


The recent ratification of the new Nepali constitution sparked a political chain reaction which has led to more civil unrest, but, more importantly, also an unofficial blockade at the Nepal-India border.

Landlocked Nepal relies heavily on India for importing essentials, specifically petroleum. Although the blockade by Indian border stations is not officially sanctioned by the Indian government, the Nepali political class, and most people, are angry at a perceived slight from the Indian people.

The Indian government has recently rendered their disappointment with the circumstances in which the new Nepali constitution was ratified, and is worth noting that whilst the trade blockade is not officially sanctioned, the Indian government seem indifferent at best.


Since Nepal is a poor landlocked country with only two borders, this severely…

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