The Guy Who Survived Nepal’s Earthquake

Freddie Kanisius

Recently at Plymouth University we had a lecture from one of the investigators of the 7.8 earthquake in Nepal that was carried out in June. A lot was said about how poor the infrastructure was and how badly prepared they were. However, instead of pointing fingers at people, I’d like to reflect on what it must have been like for Nepali people, as well as my own experience.

I survived the Gorhka earthquake. I was in Nepal at 11:57 on April 25th, 2015. Had I told my story to an American journalist, then I’m pretty sure this is the only thing that I’d be remembered for – Nothing else. Possibly the Justin Bieber of geohazards. That would be quite disheartening seeing as I’m still a teenager. Did I mention that I’m starting my geology degree this year? So is it fate that an aspiring geologist was caught up in the middle of a…

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