When politics affects in-house living

The Unrelatable Teenager

Politics, Jeez. I’ve never understood why some people are all frenzy over what some governments are doing and why some countries violate their own foreign policy or ruin relationships with their neighbours. The world is so much more connected through democracy and social media. And then there’s religion, which bans us from eating certain things or wearing certain clothes. Blogging, websites, Facebook pages and twitter news feeds create the world we wish for, spilling our thought and expression.

Living in Japan, being from India and studying in a semi-UWC has made me so much more internationally minded. When I read news posts, I read the Guardian, Huffington Post and Japan times, not just the Hindu or Chennai times(the latter just had celebrity gossip and big do’s in the city, having an iPad gives all the diplomatic news on my fingertips) and although I can’t identify bias or where some countries…

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