… And the blockade continues.

Bhukampa Proof

The situation in Nepal has not gotten any better. The blockade continues. We are practically out of liquid petroleum gas (LPG), petrol (gasoline), and diesel. The effects of blockade are not just limited to cooking or getting to work. Now it has started affecting hospitals and other important services. In yesterday’s newspaper “The Himalayan Times,” a local newspaper in Nepal, it was published that if this blockade continues for another week then hospitals have to be closed. Since many of the hospital equipment, such as incubators, have to be run on petrol generators. That is scary. If this continues, just for another week, people will be have no longer access to doctors and medicines. The agreement which was in effect till 2017 between Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) and Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) has been called off by the NOC. We have been left with no choice: we have to compromise…

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