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It’s interesting how television news channels covered the recent earthquake in Nepal.

More or less the same pictures were telecast over the first few hours/days. (The photographers must have vied for great positions, no doubt, but the massive disarray might not have allowed them much movement.) Yet each news-gatherer hyperventilated like s/he had had a ‘eureka’ moment.

“Look at this” one reporter cried over and over again. I dashed from kitchen to telly, to see what s/he was showing, changed the channel, and found the other reporter saying the same thing, “look at this”. The visual seemed nearly the same as the previous one.

“Looking, looking,” I said to the screen and worked the remote again. Turned out that every reporter on every channel had run out of words. They depended on the cameraperson’s point of view, literally, and told i-box devotees to “look at this, look at this”…

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