ASCoN 2015 – it’s happening!

I wish more programme like this should take place in Nepal. Congratulation!

Bowen to Bangladesh

I have to admire Esha’s dogged determination, it rears its stubborn head on a regular basis.  I can say that about my friend!

Less than four months after Nepal’s devastating earthquakes, Esha Thapa, SIRC’s Executive Director, turned her head to the mammoth task of hosting ASCoN’s 14th Annual Conference in Nepal.  We all thought she was daft with so much already on her plate.  We all felt she would be forgiven if she dodged this assignment but true to form, she set forth to make it happen.  And happening it is.

Updated Flyer_SIRC (Last Final) (2)

You see, Esha and SIRC owes much to her ASCoN colleagues across Asia who without prompting, sent teams of SCI-experienced doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, technicians and other SCI professionals to SIRC in the aftermath of the earthquakes earlier this year.  Without their unquestioning support and encouragement, expertise as well as donations of hospital and medical…

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