Blockade: True Picture of Our Economy

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“How long will remittance sustain our economy?” Someone had said somewhere I don’t clearly remember.

The bitter reality of our economy has come forward during this blockade we are currently facing. There might be several political (or non-political) and diplomatic reasons behind the blockade. Whatever the reasons, the weakness of our economy has been exposed.

Economic blockades are not new to us- the experts and the media says so. When economic blockade was imposed by India during the late 60s (1967?), my grand-parents were in their late twenties. During the second blockade by India in late 80s (1989?), my parents were in their twenties. The third time we face the blockade and I am in my twenties. Is this a coincidence? I think not. I think it’s a mistake.

It’s a mistake made by our previous generation. I don’t want to blame my grand-parents. They were far less educated and…

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