Dashain aayo

A wee Dakini

Dashain aayo

Dashain aayo, Dashain has come. A parallel to the Christmas holiday in the Christian world, this festive period sees hundreds of thousands of Kathmandulis leave the raajdhaanee, capital city, for their villages in the mountains, hills and Terai plains.

Dashain aayo, and the Madhesi community in the south of Nepal, with close ties to India and heavily supported in their protests against the new Nepali constitution by New Delhi, has not been able to get their act together yet. Since Indian government has been exercising a blockade of the Nepali border due to these protests for a month now (and thus violating international trade and transit laws), essential services in the country have been seriously hindered. Due to the petrol shortage, transport system has turned from the usual chaos into an absolute nightmare. Coaches leaving Kathmandu these days are crammed with passengers, both humans and animals, they hardly move along…

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